Isaberg is the place of opportunity for an outdoor day with active outdoor life, adventure and nature experiences. A wonderful day that gives a kick, not only for mood and health, but also for the team spirit and community.

We can offer everything from a half-day outdoor day to a class activity or school trip with one or more overnight stays. There are lots of fun activities, accommodation in our cozy holiday village and restaurants. We have a number of close-to-nature and funny activities to choose from. Here you can find everything from Tree Top Adventure, Rodel Adventure and MTB cycling to orienteering or canoeing with cooking over an open fire. And in the winter skiing, of course.

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Booking & inquiries
If you want to book a school class or ask for a quote tailored to your group, e-mail or call us on 0046 370 339300.
For an outdoor day on the ski slope, e-mail instead.