Lake beach

What is a summer without swimming and water games? With the lake just steps away from the resort, you have the best possible location for lovely dip. But there are more options for swimming both indoors and outdoors.

Take a dip in Algutstorpasjön, walking distance from Isaberg. There are also several swimming areas by lakes around Hestra. One of the most popular swimming areas is Örerydsbadet (approx. 7 km north of Isaberg).
In Gislaved County there are 388 lakes, all may not be "swimable" but twelve of the lakes have arranged beaches with piers and restrooms. You can certainly find your own favourite if you set out to discover!

Public swimming pools
Should the weather not be the very best there are many opportunities for indoor swimming in the nearby area. The nearest public swimming pools are in Gislaved (approx. 18 km) and Gnosjö (approx. 14 km). Gnosjö also has a small water park for the youngest children. Larger waterparks are in Borås (approx. 70 km) and Jönköping (approx. 60 km).