Southern Sweden's largest selection of alpine

In our store at Isaberg, you get help from our experts to find the right equipment that suits you.

We have a wide selection of ski clothing and ski equipment and offer a full boot fitting workshop, hire purchase and ski service. Our knowledgeable staff will help you with personal adaptation of the equipment, for example if you want to adjust your boots afterwards so that they fit better on your feet or replace a ski that doesn't feel quite right.

Good advice gives a better skiing experience

It is important that you get equipment that suits your experience and skiing technique. Ask the staff in the shop to find skis and boots that suit you and your technique - both when renting and buying. With us, you can also try different choices until you find the right choice for you.

Largest selection - best prices

Roupéz Skishop has one of Sweden's largest selection of alpine ski equipment. Few shops offer such a breadth and above all such a large selection of advanced skis. As both a large rental company and sales store, we have the opportunity to give you as a customer a really good price.

Wide selection of ski clothing

At our shop you will find a complete and wide selection of ski clothing for women, men and children. We have everything you need for your skiing or snowboarding; such as ski jackets, ski pants, helmets, back protectors, gloves and socks.

Service of equipment

In our workshop, we have a fast and efficient fully automatic sharpener that sharpens your skis while you wait. We recommend that you sharpen your skis at least once a year, but of course it also depends on how many skiing days you have throughout the season. Talk to our professional workshop staff and they will help you find the right service or repair for your skis.

Full bootfitting workshop

We've got your feet covered! With us you will find a full bootfitting workshop where we help you find the right boots for your feet and also adjust the boots if necessary. In order for you to get more out of your skiing, we offer soles completely molded to your foot. This makes the foot more relaxed in the boot, provides better insulation against the cold and reduces the risk of shoe chafing. It also raises the level of your skiing since the foot fits even better in the boot.

Please contact us if you have any questions

Roupéz Skidshop
Telephone: +46 370 339770 (safest at 14.00-15.00)