Adventure Mountain in Småland

At the adventure mountain Isaberg there are several possibilities to do fun and exciting activities - both for a shorter and longer holiday. And all year around!

During the winter you will find the largest skiing area in south of Sweden. And in the summer time there is a whole buffé of exciting activities.

In the east, the Nissan river flows around the bend. You can set off for adventurous canoeing expeditions that extend over many kilometres and several days. With the mountain in the south, you also have an excellent base for an attack on the peak. By foot or by MTBike, it´s your choice. Our tips: with a bike , the way back is faster - much faster!

If you play golf, the closest neighbour to the north is a golf club with two 18-hole courses, and in the west, all of the big forest´s biking and walking paths stretch out. And anyone who wants to raise there pulse only needs to move vertically - up towards the treetops in our new high-altitude course Isaberg Tree Top Adventure! Sure, Isaberg can look calm and peaceful, but it´s just on the surface. In reality, you are in the middle of all the action.  

Map over resort