Skiing Map - lifts & slopes

Isaberg offers skiing on 11 slopes at all levels. So whether you are a beginner or advanced, there are slopes here waiting for you to experience and enjoy.


Slope Info Level Open?
Lillbacken 1
Barnbacken 2
Familjebacken 3
Pelikanen 4
Mittlöpan 5
Slalombacken 6
Dalbacken 7
Gamlebacken 8
Transporten 9
Norrbacken 10
Lassebacken 11
Funline 12


Lift Info Position Open?
Rullband - Barnliften A
Knapplift - Superiorliften B
Knapplift - Toppliftarna 1 C
Knapplift - Toppliftarna 2 C
Ankarlift - Norrliften D
Ankarlift - Dalliftarna 1 E
Ankarlift - Dalliftarna 2 E
6-stolslift - Isabergsexpressen F

Safety on the slopes

Skiing is fun for everyone, young and old, beginners and competitive skiers. In order for everyone to be safe and able to feel safe on our ski resort, we are members of SLAO (Svenska LiftAnläggningars Organisation) which is the industry's cooperation in, for example, security issues.
SLAO has drawn up some rules and guidelines for everything on the slopes to work in the best way, for everyone.

In SLAO's Yellow Book, you will find "Traffic rules for skiers". Terms, rules and recommendations that apply to you staying in our ski resort during the winter.

Download SLAOs Yellow Book here!