MTB Trails

Isaberg Mountain Resort is offering an Eldorado for MTB-bikers. For the person looking for speed and excitement the race enduro down the hill is an excellent choice. And for the training addict the other direction is perfect, mountain climbing with maximum pulse. Isaberg offers many MTB-trails, 2 pumptracks and a new XC Trail with jumps, curves and other technical challenges.

Which MTB-trail is right for you?


Relatively smooth, no unpassable obstacles.
Minimun track width 90 cm
Max obstacle height 5 cm
Average gradient 5%



Passable roots and rocks max 20 cm.
Minimun track width 60 cm
Max obstacle height 20 cm
Average gradient 10%


Protruding and loose rocks/roots. Obstacles like drops and tabletops.
Minimun track width 30 cm
Max obstacle height 40 cm
Average gradient 15%



Unpredictable, challenging obstacles. Steep and loose track.
Minimun track width 15 cm
Max obstacle height 40 cm
Average gradient max 20%


Info Circle

We have two major competitions at Isaberg during autumn 2024:

* August 17-18 - Pump track competitions (pump track closed for
   other guests on Saturday and Sunday)

* September 27-29 - Enduro competition (training/competition), this
lift mounted biking is recommended only for competitive

Warning Triangle


All cycling at Isaberg is at your own risk. Always wear a bicycle helmet! If you cycle downhill, we recommend a full-face helmet and back protection.

Trail Info Level Open?
Pelikanen Flowled 2 km
Albatrossen Flow-/hoppled 1,6 km - nytt avslut och förbättrad
Jättestigen Enduroled, 1,1 km
The Nor Way Teknisk Enduroled, 360m
No Mercy Brant och snabb Enduroled, 620 m.
Piece of Cake Stenig och teknisk Single track, 290 m
310 Altitude 4,1 km
Big Foot Climb 900 m
SM-serporna XC-led, 1,1 km
Slash Enduroled, 360 m
Stubbe Enduroled, 570 m
Trollskog Enduroled, 550 m
XC-trail XC-led, 1,4 km
Lark Trail NYHET! XC-led 900m - nybörjarled för dig som vill ta steget från grön till blå led
Blue Berry XC-led, 13,2 km -
Super Nova XC-led, 2 km
Hilly Billy XC-led, 900m - Omdragen, start vid Moose Bumps
Foxie XC-led, 560 m
Ekorrestigen XC-led, 1,1 km. Sista delen avstängd pga. byggnation. Vänligen observera skyltning.
White Duck XC-led, 2 km
Pink Lady 8,1-9,6 km, beroende på vägval.
Shiny Roots XC-led, 2 km
Moose Bumps XC-led, 445 m
Skogsmusen XC-led, 445 m
Warning Circle Blue

For your safety!

1. Pre-ride - Warm up by inspecting the trail at low speed. Check your equipment.
2. Re-ride - Lap the trail a few times to know the flow of the feature.
3. Free-ride - Start small and work your way upto faster speeds and larger feature!