Opening hours & Prices

The bike rental opens April 13 2024 for the season (the booking is open).
Lift mounted biking opens May 9 for the season (the booking is open).

Isaberg Bike Park - with Sport Center, bike rental and lift mounted mountainbiking is open daily midsummer until mid-August 2024. Adjoining periods before/after open during weekends. See opening hours below.

All biking in Isaberg Bike Park is subject to charge.

In our Bike Park you'll find more than 25 trails of mixed levels and a large tech-area with XC-tracks, drop zones and pump tracks.

If you want lift-serviced biking, buy a Bike Pass (including access to tracks and trails)

Buy Bike Pass

If you don't want lift-service, buy a Trail Pass instead. 

Children up to 7 rides our tracks and trails for free!

TrailPass is purchased in the Sport Center or the reception.

All revenue from Trail Passes benefit overall maintenance and constant development of our trails and the Bike Park.

Info Circle

We have two major competitions at Isaberg during autumn 2024:

* August 17-18 - Pump track competitions (pump track closed for
   other guests on Saturday and Sunday)

* September 27-29 - Enduro competition (training/competition), this
lift mounted biking is recommended only for competitive

Lift mounted biking Opening hours 2024

Week 19 - Premiere weekend
Thursday - Sunday 10.00-16.00

Week 20-22
Saturday - Sunday 10.00-16.00

Week 23
Thursday - Sunday 10.00-16.00

Week 24-25
Saturday - Sunday 10.00-16.00

Week 26-32
Daily 10.00-16.00

Week 33-38
Saturday - Sunday 10.00-16.00

Week 39
Friday 11.00-17.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00
NOTE! Competition weekend Enduro - limited lift mounted biking - this weekend is recommended for competition riders only.

After week 39, the lift mounted biking closes for the season due to major repair work on the lift.

Prices BikePass / TrailPass

BikePass 2024 (Lift service + incl. TrailPass)
Up to 6 free with adult company!
People under 125 cm may not ride the chairlift without being accompanied by a person over 140 cm.

Adult (15 Yrs & Up)
Junior (7 to 14)
1-day BikePass 350 SEK 295 SEK
2-days 630 SEK 515 SEK
3-days 855 SEK 705 SEK
Season Pass 2 770 SEK 2 380 SEK
Single ride 65 SEK 65 SEK
Refillable chip card 65 SEK 65 SEK


TrailPass 2024 (tracks and trails - no lift)
Up to 6 for free with adult company! 

Adult (15 yrs & Up)
Junior (7–14)
1-day TrailPass 125 SEK 75 SEK
2-days 205 SEK 120 SEK
3-days 285 SEK 170 SEK
4-days 335 SEK 210 SEK
5-days 420 SEK 245 SEK
6-days 465 SEK 275 SEK
1 vecka 505 SEK 295 SEK
All Year Pass (calendar year) 900 SEK 700 SEK
All Year Pass Family Pass 2 400 SEK (2 adults and 2 children +300 SEK for each following child)