Rules and safety

To use the course you need an pass for the course. The pass is bought in the sportcenter or in the reception.

- Each obstacle have a descriptive sign. Read it before you start. With a QR-code you have access to video-clips from the different obstacles and how to overcome them.

- All activities in the obstacle course are carried out at your own risk.

- To avoid injuries, please warm up before starting the course.

- Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult. The obstacle course is not a play ground.

- We recomend you to use gloves (also sold in the sportcenter).

- Please help us keep the area nice and clean.

- Pay attention and take care of each other in the course.

- Dial 112 at serious injury. Location: Sports center, Holiday Village Isaberg.

We wish you a great and adventurous day!