Ski school in group or private?

Group or private lesson. Which suits you best? Regardless of the type of lesson you choose, our goal is for it to be fun to test and progress with your skiing!

Private lessons

With a private ski instructor, we put all the focus on you!

Get started quickly or develop your skiing to new levels. We offer private lessons for all ages and levels. The private lessons are very easy to adapt exactly to what you want and the level you are at. As for small children 3-4 years old, keep in mind that it is very different how they learn, the main thing is that they want to. It's easiest to have one child at a time at those ages, remember that you don't get the money back if they don't want to ski, but you can of course give the lesson to someone else in the family.

There can be a maximum of five people per private lesson, this to get the most out of the lesson. In the case of private lessons with younger participants, the number should be even fewer because otherwise the teaching will not be effective.

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Group lessons
During our group lessons, you get to know new people while you develop and make progress in your skiing. Remember to try to choose the right level of group to get the most out of your group lesson.

Beginner course is for you who are going to start skiing and want to learn the basics. We help you get started. The group practices sliding, turning, braking and riding lifts on the easier slopes. No prior knowledge is required here.

Continuation course 1 - Continuation course where we practice gaining control in our riding. We practice turning and gradually start training towards parallel skis for those who have come this far.
Prerequisites: Here you need to be able to brake and stop on green slopes, be ready for skiing on blue slopes and be able to ride at least a button lift yourself.

Continuation course 2 - Continuation course where we raise the level of riding. We practice speed control and parallel skiing.
Prerequisites: You ride most of the facility's slopes and can turn and brake.

Age categories
Children 5-8 years: Beginners - Continuation
Junior 9-13 years: Beginners - Continuation
14 years -Adult: Beginners - Continuation

Price private lesson 60 minutes
Privare lesson 690 SEK
Extra person 195 SEK/person
Price group lesson 60 minutes
Child/Youth/Adult 275 SEK/person
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