Rental MTB's

OPENS April 13 for the season (the booking is open)

Here you will find mountainbikes in different sizes and types; from children's bikes to hardtails and fully-suspended models. There are also Enduro bikes and eMTBs. The bike park is renewed before each season so you can ride the latest models and be sure that everything is of the highest quality.

There are many sizes so you will find one that fits you perfectly and different types to suit everything from beginners to professionals.

All our rental bikes have platform pedals and are equipped with bottle holders. If you don't have a water bottle, you can buy it in the webshop or in the Sport Center. There is a good selection of MTB items here.

Remember to book your bikes online well in advance! (It is only possible to rent a full day online.)

Unfortunately, drop-in bikes are currently only available on days when we have low bookings. You can therefore unfortunately not count on there being bikes available at any time.

For all rentals, 18-years age limit applies.

Questions or concerns? Feel free to email


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TrailPass/BikePass is not included in the rental price and must be added extra. Se prices here.

Pricelist MTB-rental 2024:

* Hard Tail MTB - 550 SEK (1 day) - Incl. helmet
* Full suspension MTB - 850 SEK (1 day) - Incl. fullface helmet and back plate
* Trek Rail eMTB - 950 SEK (1 day) - Incl. helmet

* Child MTB 20" - 440 SEK (1 day) - Incl. helmet
* Child MTB 24" - 440 SEK (1 day) - Incl. helmet

More information will come...