Adventure package

Perfect for the fun, active family weekend or the spinsters party away. Smart and easy, all included in one price worthy package.

What is included?

The Adventure Package includes 1 night in a cabin or 2 nights at the campsite and 3 activities.

• Rodel Adventure (3 rides per person)
• AdventureGolf (1 game per person)
• Obstacle course with outdoor gym (1,1 km running with obstacles, on your own)

When can I book the package?

2023-04-14 - 2023-06-10
2023-09-01 - 2023-10-07

In connections with a weekend (arrival Friday or Saturday).

20% discount on the Tree Top Adventure and MTB rental when booking an Adventure Package, please contact the reception for a discount code.

*20% discount also on disc golf and water activities (rental of canoe, kayak, rowing boat, pedal boat, SUP board or sit-on-top kayak. Coupon obtained at check-in.
Please note that this does not apply for bookings in April. 

Prices Adventure Package with cabin

1 night
incl. 3 activities
1 pers/cabin 1530 SEK 1865 SEK 5605 SEK
2 pers/cabin 1855 SEK 2190 SEK 5930 SEK
3 pers/cabin 2180 SEK 2515 SEK 6255 SEK
4 pers/cabin 2505 SEK 2840 SEK 6580 SEK
5 pers/cabin 2830 SEK 3165 SEK 6905 SEK
6 pers/cabin (not Uttern) 3155 SEK 3490 SEK 7230 SEK
7 pers/cabin     7555 SEK
8 pers/cabin     7880 SEK
9 pers/cabin     8205 SEK
10 pers/cabin     8530 SEK
11 pers/cabin     8855 SEK
12 pers/cabin     9180 SEK

Prices Adventure Package with camping

2 nights incl. electricity
incl. 3 activities
Camping spot
Motorhome spot
1 pers/spot from 1135 SEK from 1055 SEK
2 pers/spot from 1460 SEK from 1380 SEK
3 pers/spot from 1785 SEK from 1705 SEK
4 pers/spot from 2110 SEK from 2030 SEK
5 pers/spot from 2435 SEK from 2355 SEK
6 pers/spot from 2790 SEK from 2680 SEK

Breakfast in the restaurant

Start the day in the best way with a lovley breakfast buffet at restaurant Höganloft.

20% discount on MTB-rental and Tree Top Adventure

When make a reservation for our Adventure Package you will receive 20% discount on MTB-rental and Tree Top Adventure. Must be booked on advance. Please contact the reception for discount code.

Relax in the sauna raft

Our sauna raft is a perfect ending to an active day or a nice break between activities. Here you can be up to 12 persons. Must be booked in advance. Discount for accommodation guests, please contace the reception for a discount code.