Tree Top Adventure

A perfect and fun adventure up high for the family, friends or the Conference Group. Do you dare? Kids must always be accompanied by an adult (min 18 yrs) in the course. Maximum 2 kids per adult. Maximum weight 120 kg.

Our Tree Top Adventure is as exciting and challeging as you would like to make it - a fun activity for the whole family...or a tough challenge which will test your limits! And so much fun!

Our Tree Top Tdventure is a fun combination of play, climbing and adventure where everybody may find an exciting challenge to overcome. Just like the name implies the location is in the trees. You move between the tree platforms along trials in different levels and heights for eg walking on rope ladders, climbing, swings, and a variety of obstacles and coordination challenges. 

The Tree Top Adventure offers everything from the easy Green courses to the difficult and very challenging Black course up to 15 m height. In all we offer you 6 courses with 67 challenges.

After a 20 minute introduction where you learn how to use the gear and carbiners, you are free to climb 2 hours in our adventure park.

Please observe:
* Be on time, all participants must be in place no later than 15 minutes before the start time

* The safety instruction starts at the scheduled time. Before it starts the terms of
   participation must be signed and the payment made.
Delayed participant will be charged
   and new start time can not be guaranteed.



Easy and fun-, kids- and warming up course. Height: 4-6 m. This is a good place to start, test the gear and get warmed up for the two other courses. Easy climbing and challenges that do not demand too much of your strength.

BLUE x 2
Moderate course. Height 8-15 m. Here you will feel more pulse due to the height. also higher up. A course with a lot of ziplines. Includes a 117 m long zipline.

Technical course. Here you need both strength and courage - a tough challenge. But the harder it gets the more happy you will be afterwards when you have successfully past the test. Height 7-10m

Difficult course. Needs strength, courage and balance. From 12 year old and up.

Please note that a Parking fee is charged on the main Parking lot. Please use the ticket machine for instructions in English. 


Welcome to the Adventure!