4-star camping site

The camping site is right at the foot of Isaberg and the ski area, near the main complex with shop, conference facilities and a good restaurant. During 2017 we have built a new utilities center with a sauna.

Our 4-star camping site has 84 spots with electrical outlets and cable TV, free Wifi, modern utilities centre with toilets, showers and designated areas for dishwashing and laundry.

We have different types of spots:
* Spot with electricity 10m (deep) x 10m (wide)
* Spot with electricity 10m (deep) x 10m (wide) with water and drain
* Spot with electricity 8m (deep) x 10m (wide)
* Spot with electricity 8m (deep) x 8m (wide)


* Spot for motor home 10m (deep) x 6m (wide) incl. electricity - open May - October
The spots for motor homes are situated next to the 6-chair lift or and at the foot of Norrbacken (open in June), acess from the camping site.
Please note that the spots next to the lift have a lot of guests on bikes close by, especially those days that the lift is open for cycling.
The spots for motor homes are only for motor homes due to safety issues.

Check-in from 1 p.m. Check-out no later than 12 noon on day of departure.

Our electric outlets give 16 ampere and 230 volt. Special connecting cables needs to be used. Ordinary electric "home" cables are not approved and can cause severe injuries and mortal danger. This type of cables are illegal to use in Isabergs camping. Ensure that your equipment is approved for outdoor use. Ask the reception if you are unsure of our electric safety rules.

All customers must have a valid Camping Key Europe or a valid Camping-ID for permission to check in at the camping site. If you don't have this, you can solve it on spot. Read more about the Camping Key Europe and Camping-ID here.

Please note that there is no possibility of emptying a camper with fixed tank during winter.

Please observe the recommended distances between spots:

Map over camping