Isaberg Arena - the Sportcenter

Isaberg Mountain Resort is offering an Eldorado for MTB-bikers. For the roadracers there are several terrific rounds on smaller road with less traffic. For the person looking for speed and excitement the race down the hill is an excellent choice. And for the training addict the other direction is perfect, mountain climbing with maximum pulse. Isaberg offers 14 MTB-trails, 2 pumptracks and a new XC Trail with jumps, curves and other technical challenges.


 You can use our tracks even of we are not open in the Sportcenter, please you just buy your MTB-pass in the main reception.


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We work hard to give you the best MTB-experience possible on our mountain. We offer both rental of MTB-bikes and several new trails with different length and severity. Please ask us, we will assist you the best way we can.
Rental bikes: Trek Roscoe 


* Adult/Junior MTB______ 410 SEK/full day (09.00-18.00) incl. MTB-pass
* Mountain E-bike______  695 SEK/full day (09.00-18.00) incl. MTB-pass
* Full suspension MTB____695 SEK/full day (09.00-18.00) incl. MTB-pass

* Kids MTB 5-10 yrs 295 SEK/full day (09.00-18.00)
* Kids MTB 5-10 yrs 195 SEK/half day (only drop-in)
* Kids MTB 5-10 yrs 150 SEK/2 h (only drop-in)
Children under 7 years don't need MTB-pass, older children +40 SEK.

Helmet and insurance included in case of damage and repair is needed.
(rented in the Sportcenter by the Tree Top Adventure)

BIKE RENTAL online MTB / MTB courses here >

MTB-guide 500 SEK/hour

ISABERG ARENA - did you buy an MTB-pass?

Isaberg arena is the MTB-center and obstacle course next to the Sportcenter in the holiday village. Here you find tecnique courses that extend your MTB competence further and give you exciting challanges.

To access the arena you need an MTB-pass.If you have rented the bike with us the MTB-pass is included in the rental. The pass also gives you access to our obstacle course and our slack line zone.
(The fee supports maintenance and development of our courses)

* Arenapass whole day 90 SEK/adult, 50 SEK/junior (8-15 yrs) 
* Arenapass 2-day pass 160 SEK/adult, 80 SEK/junior
* Arenapass 3-day pass 200 SEK/adult, 110 SEK/junior
* Arenapass season 650 SEK/adult, 450 SEK/junior 

(Children under the age of 7 years free of admission)


Download map of all our MTB-trails

Here you can see all the trails in Trailforks

For more information phone 0046 370 339300 or send an e-mail to