Canoe, kayak and boat


With the Nissan River, and the lakes it flows through, there are large areas of water around Isaberg. There are both still and flowing waters that suit both the beginner and the more experienced  paddlers. We offer canoe/kayak/boat rental with full transport service. Our resort is the perfect place to place your camp.

Most of our rental is on drop-in. You come to the reception when you want to start and see what is available. We note the time when you start and you pay when you come back. Identification is required.

For pre-booking you need to rent at least 4 objects (canoe, kayak or boat) and full day price.

Paddle boats, sit-on-top and SUP can not be pre-booked.

For all rentals, 18-years age limit applies.


  Per hour Per day Per week
Canoe 100 SEK 450 SEK 2250 SEK
Kayak K1 100 SEK 450 SEK 2250 SEK
Kayak K2 100 SEK 450 SEK 2250 SEK
Rowing boat 100 SEK 450 SEK 2250 SEK
SUP 100 SEK - -
Paddle boat 200 SEK - -
Sit-on-top 200 SEK    

Extra carts, seats and storage barrels are avaiable for rent and lifejackets are of course included in the rental.

We also offer rental with transport service. We arrange transport of both canoes and kayaks and your party. We offer transport between Norra Unnaryd in the north and Skeppshult in the south. We can transport 8 canoes at a time and upp to 6 persons. If you need more canoes transported the price will dubble. Contact the reception for information on prices.

Transport priceS 2021 (Pre-booking is required)

Norra Unnaryd 900 SEK  
Alabo 900 SEK  
Gislaved 900 SEK  
Rönnegården 1000 SEK  
Villstad 1100 SEK  
Smålandsstenar 1250 SEK  
Skeppshult 1400 SEK