There are cycle tracks to the village of Hestra and to Gislaved, but it's the small roads around Hestra that offer the most splendid experiences. Get a cycle-route map from Reception. Pack some juice and snacks, then peddle off on an excursion.

Bicycle trails

Bäckshultsleden - Bicycle tour runs through a hilly terrain and gravel roads. Most of this trail is through forest. Backhultsleden MAP

Lilla Sjöleden - Bicycle tour runs along an easy terrain on paved roads. The trail follows alongside a golf course, but also has many lake views. Why not stop at Hestravikens Värdshus for a coffee or snack. Lilla sjoleden MAP

Hestraleden - Bicycle tour runs through a wooded, hilly terrain. You will ride along a combination of paved, gravel and forest trails and will get a close look at Hestra village. Hestraleden MAP

Stora Sjöleden - Bicycle tour runs through a slightly hilly terrain on paved and gravel roads. You will ride along a golf course and through a great deal of forest. Stora Sjoleden MAP