Adventure Golf

Our latest summer attraction is a mix of miniature golf and exciting challenges.

Figure out a putt line through the hilly landscape and keep your nerves under control when passing bunkers and clever traps on the way.

Guaranteed fun for all ages!



Adult 70 kr/game    
Kids (up to 12 yrs) 50 kr/game

Open 2/6-24/6
Monday-Wednesday 11.00-18.00
Thursday 11.00-21.00
Friday 11.00-18.00 (Midsommarafton 10.00-17.00)
Saturday-Sunday 10.00-18.00

Open 25/6-12/8
Every day 10.00-21.00

Open 13/8-2/9
Thursday 17.00-21.00
Saturday-Sunday 10.00-18.00

Buy your game in Isaberg Sportcenter Kiosk!

We welcome Groups on other times then ordinary Open times. We also arrange and serve Swedish "Fika" for eg  coffee, icescream from the icescream shop, waffle or hotdog  etc. Prices:  hotdog 40:-, icescream with drink (see menu) ca 60:-, coffee and cake 40:- etc.

Price: 90 kr / person min 20 p or 1800 kr (incl tax).

For more info and booking please contact the reception 0370-33 93 00.

Exclusive time  2 hours - 5000 kr,  max 70 persons.

Schools - ordinary prices, please book at the reception phone 0370-339300.

Birthday party

We happily arrange your kids birthday party at the Adventure golf.

Price 100 kr/p max 25 p (max 12 yrs) 1 drink Smakis and an icescream "Barnfavoriten" are included in the price.


Very welcome to an adventurous time at the Adventure Mountain!