At Isaberg there is a great deal to choose from in terms of accommodation. Here, you can find cabin alternatives suitable for the young couple to the large family (or half of your relatives), from 36 to 157 m²!

If you rather bring your own accommodation, you're welcome to book a spot for your caravan or RV at our campsite. It is 4 star with good service spaces and has some 84 spots with both electrical outlets and cable TV.

For more information and booking please call +46 (0)370 339300 or send an e-mail to or book online.

Please note that there is a Parking fee on the main Parking lot. Please use the ticket machine for instructions in English.

Our alternatives:

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Price lists self-catering cabins
Price list spring/summer/fall 2021
Price list winter 2021/2022
Price list spring/summer/fall 2022