Prices Bike- and Trail pass

We offer downhill biking during the year. To date there are 4 downhill trails to choose from: 1 easy green trail, 2 red and one difficult black trail. During the summer and Fall we will build one more easier blue trail.

Bike pass (bike pass including trail fee)

  Adult (fr 16 years) Junior (up to 15 years)
Afternoon 13 – 16 200 SEK 180 SEK
Day bike pass 310 SEK 255 SEK
2-days 575 SEK 475 SEK
3-days 810 SEK 670 SEK
Season pass 2500 SEK 2100 SEK
Single ride without lift pass 55 SEK 55 SEK
Chip card rechargeable 50 SEK 50 SEK

Trail pass (trail fee without bike pass) 7 years and younger is free!

  Adult (fr 16 years) Junior (8 - 15 years)
Day trailpass 105 SEK 50 SEK
2-days 185 SEK 100 SEK
3-days 265 SEK 140 SEK
4-days 335 SEK 175 SEK
5-days 395 SEK 205 SEK
6-days 440 SEK 230 SEK
7-days 490 SEK 250 SEK
Annual pass (calendar year) 750 SEK 550 SEK
Annual pass Family pass 1600 SEK (2adults  and 2 children + 300 SEK per extra child)

Obstacle course pass

  Adult (fr 16 years) Junior (8 - 15 years)
Day Obstacle course pass 50 SEK 30 SEK
Annual pass (calendar year) 550 SEK 350 SEK
Annual pass MTB Trail -    
& Obstacle course pass  1000 SEK 600 SEK

We use the TeamAxess ski pass system, which is common in lift systems around Sweden and Europe. You load your Bikepass (regular ski pass) at home digitally or on site with us at the Sports Center. Be sure to bring your old ski pass and we will load it. If you do not have a rechargeable ski pass, you buy this for SEK 50. With a Bikepass you have access to the whole mountain, the Bike park and the trails that day. 



If you arrive at Isaberg with your own bikes, we recommend to use the upper Parking (mountain top) next to the skiing slopes.  This parkin lotg is free of charge.


Here you buy your Bikepass or Trailpass which gives you free access to our entire Bike Park and trails. In the sports center you can also rent a bike, get bike service, coffee, wash the bike, book an MTB guide and get maps of all our trails.

For those of you who rent an MTB bike from us, the Trail Pass is included in the price and you can then use Isaberg Bike Park and trails as long as you have the rental bike. Please note that a Bikepass for lift transport is NOT included in the bike rental.
All biking is done at your own risk!


RULES USING THE LIFT - downhill biking

When biking on Isaberg, the following rules apply:

All cycling is done at your own risk.

Choose bike paths based on your own knowledge level. Help others who have suffered an accident. Show consideration for other road users. Hikers and other road users can be found on the bike trails.

Slow down when meeting and overtaking, make them aware that you want to pass. Anyone who comes from above / from behind always has a duty of weighing. Pay particular attention to where joints join or cross each other.

Adjust the speed. Make sure you are able to stop before unforeseen obstacles. Keep in mind that the trails conditions change in different weather.

Do not stop unnecessarily where visibility is limited. Behind the crest, curves and steeper slopes, it is particularly inappropriate to stop.

Show respect for nature. Do not disturb the animals and do not litter. Nature is sensitive, therefore it is only allowed to cycle on approved cycle paths.

It is the cyclist's responsibility to know the rules. Follow signs and instructions for skiing and cycling.

Helmet is mandatory when cycling. Recommended protective equipment in addition to helmets are back plate, knee protection and elbow protection.

Drunk or drug-affected are rejected. Alcohol and drugs impair judgment and performance, which increases the risk of anyone staying at Isaberg.

Your Bikepass is personal. Persons who attempt to take the lift without valid Bikepass may be required to pay a check fee of 1500 SEK.

The cyclist is responsible for his bicycle. It is the responsibility of the cyclist to ensure that the bicycle does not contaminate or damage other persons, lifts or other facilities.

Your rights, obligations and bikepass regulations according to Swedish law Konsumentverket-SLAO can be found in "Important to know ..." Little Green. Request to get it in the Sports Center. Also available at