Meet the largest wild animal in Sweden - the park is Open!

Isaberg Moose Park is a moose park that is based on the animals' needs. We want the moose to live on their own terms in the best possible way.Here you will meet 4 mooses; 3 female and one bull. Our Moose park is opened from May until mid September. Tickets are bought in the reception.

Our moose enclosures covers 6 hectares, which makes it possible for the moose to find their own food. The streams have clean water and there is a pond for the moose to bath in. Our guide will tell you stories and facts about the moose. Isaberg Moose Park is a learning experience. Along the path by the enclosure there are information boards about the wild animals that live in the forests of this region.


MooseCam – Sneak a peak at our moose every minute

We have a webcam mounted by the enclosure. Follow the moose in their everyday life. Sometimes you even have a chance to see them take a swim in the pond.  Click for MooseCam



Isaberg Moose Park is open 9.00-18.00 from May-November 2017.


ENTRENCE FEE, souvenirs

Entrence ticket is bougth in the reception in the main building. Here you may also find a  shop with souvenir products made from moose leather and other Swedish souvenirs, icecream and foods.

Entrence fee 70:-/person (Free entré for kids 8 years old and below).

Entrance fees covers the cost of feeding/care of moose, moose enclosures and trails. Tickets should be visible at all times. Failure to show a valid ticket on inspection will result in a fine of SEK 100 (in addition to entrance fee).


We offer guided tours every Thursday, Friday and Saturday throughout the summer (95:-/p). Book in the reception.

Specially booked guided tours: SEK 150 per person.
 Approx. one hour. Minimum of four people. Special prices apply for groups, please contact us for more information.